About Us

We help businesses to allow their happy customers to do their marketing for them at an increased rate. It’s that simple.

Customer Review Software

Get online reviews on sites that matter to your business and boost leads by leveraging feedback from top online review sources.

Access to customer reviews, across every touch point, from every source, in one place.


Reviews are a massive part of the internet and absolutely essential for local businesses. Potential clients and patients need reassurance and confirmation that their choices are the right ones. Online reviews help them make the right choice.

ReviewBoss is your all-in-one solution to help you generate more reviews on Google and other places online, and manage those reviews all in one place! Nothing matters more than reviews from patients or clients telling others how great you are and how much they value your service. The quality and quantity of online reviews is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO.

ReviewBoss conveniently allows you to get more customer reviews so you can look like a rockstar online! No more begging for reviews. No more frequently checking online to see if that review was submitted. With a slight wave of a wand, we’ve got you covered, and with minimal effort on your end, you watch the reviews roll right in!